Newlands College is committed to the National Certificate in Educational Achievement and the New Zealand National Qualifications Framework, recognising that the qualifications they provide are the most suitable for Newlands College students.


As of 2024, Newlands College will not be credentialing Year 11 with NCEA Level 1.  Once students gain Level 2 NCEA they automatically gain Level 1 NCEA. Details of courses studied at NCEA Levels 2 and 3, and the pre-requisites for entry into each course are found in the Subject Choice Site. In Years 12 and 13 it is possible for students to study courses at a range of levels depending on individual strengths. For instance a Year 13 student may have a programme of study which includes a Level 2 Mathematics course and Level 3 Geography.


To gain an NCEA at Level 1, 2 or 3 students will require:

The Literacy and Numeracy co-requisite gained through Common Assessment Activities in Year 10 and Year 11. 

Level 2
60 credits at Level 2 or above and the Literacy and Numeracy corequisites.

Level 3
60 credits at Level 3 or above and the Literacy and Numeracy corequisites.


NCEA University Entrance requirements are:

  • NCEA Level 3.
  • Three subjects at Level 3, made up of 14 credits in each of three approved subjects.
  • UE Literacy, 10 credits at Level 2 or above, from a specified list of standards*. Five credits in reading and five credits in writing.
  • The Literacy and Numeracy corequisites.


Course Endorsements

Students will gain an endorsement for a course if, in a single school year, they achieve:

  • 14 or more credits at Merit or Excellence at the lower level that supports the endorsement.
  • At least 3 of these credits from externally assessed standards and 3 credits from internally assessed standards. Note, this does not apply to Physical Education and Level 3 Visual Arts.

Certificate Endorsements

Students will require 50 credits at Excellence to gain an NCEA endorsed with Excellence, and 50 credits at Merit (or Merit and Excellence), to gain an NCEA endorsed with Merit.

Credits counting towards certificate endorsement may be gained over more than one year and more than one level but must be gained at the level of the certificate or above. For example, Level 3 credits will count towards endorsement of a Level 2 NCEA, but Level 2 credits will not count towards endorsement of a Level 3 NCEA. Only one endorsement in any one year will be made; this will be the endorsement at the highest level.

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