Newlands College Career Site

Students need to be able to make informed and appropriate career decisions in a society that is facing rapid technological, economic and social change. Our career education programmes encourage students to reflect on the demands of today's workplace and develop the skills to cope and thrive in a competitive environment.

We encourage students to develop a career plan and how to be flexible, responsive to change, take risks and pursue alternatives when facing setbacks. Students to be aware of changing circumstances and opportunities.

We encourage participation in a range of career events to be more informed about opportunities:

  • Liaison Visits
  • Open Days
  • Career days

Students and families can also access individual career guidance. They can use a variety of career computer tools to explore and clarify options as well as access a range of careers information from the Careers NZ website.

Useful Links

Career Planning 

Vocational Pathways 

Job Hunting and CVs 

School Learvers Toolkit 

Funding for Tertiary Study



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