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2017 Financial Report

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Newlands College Board of Trustees Annual Report to the Community as at 31 December 2016

The Board of Trustees is pleased to report the progress that the college made in 2016. This year we had our Board elections and we fare-welled some long serving members. Our former Board Chairman Peter Reweti, and parent representative Wayne Firmin had given 26 years' service between them! It was appropriate that we were able to acknowledge their contribution with the gift of a Korowai. After the Board elections Gavin Knight accepted the position as the new Board Chair and Helen Potiki the role of Deputy Chair. James Roberts -Thompson, a long serving member decided to stay on until the end of this year to ensure continuity. The college also welcomed new members, Glenn McStay, James Maulden, Jane Temel and Reverend Robert Robati-Mani. The staff representative remained as Ben Lau, and the student representative Daphne Martinez enjoyed a successful term. She has been replaced by Janhavi Gosavi.

Academic Results
The school performed very well in National Examinations. The results of NCEA were:

  • Level 1 91%
  • Level 2 90%
  • Level 3 84%
  • University Entrance 73%

These results exceed national means and the means for schools with a similar profile as Newlands College. Some other very good results were that of the 91% who achieved Level 1, 75% were endorsed with Merit or Excellence. Maori students who left at the end of Year 13, 95% achieved NCEA Level 2 and for our Pasifika students, it was 100%.
Nine students gained Scholarships; and Shine Wu who was in Year 11 gained NCEA Level 2 endorsed with Excellence, as well as Scholarship Calculus, an outstanding effort.


At the end of 2016 we celebrated the academic and personal success of the following students:

Dux Literarum - Jainal Gandhi and Devon Russel

Proximae Accessit - Anushka Bhat

Year 12 Overall Academic Excellence - Clarice du Toit

Year 11 Overall Academic Excellence - Shine Wu

Year 10 Overall Academic Excellence - Amber Zhu

Year 9 Overall Academic Excellence - Brandon Ru

Co-Curricular Activity

The co-curricular programme offered in our college is one of our strengths and it is always pleasing to see so many students participating in a wide range of activities. Some of the stand-out efforts included:

Sports Awards
Athlete with a Disability - Jack Rowlands
Junior Sports Person of the Year - Te Aratu Maihi
Achieving to the Highest Level in Sport - Salote-Alison Gates
Outstanding Contribution to Leadership and Sport - Liam Collins
Male Sports Person of the Year - Haydon Smith
Female Sports Person of the Year - Emily Thompson

Performing Arts Awards.
Media Person of the Year - Liam Collins
Actor of the Year - Kiya Basabas
Musician of the Year - Phoebe Calderio
Visual Artist of the Year - Gregory Wang
Kapa Haka Person of the Year - Tiana Edmonds
Polyclub Person of the Year - Katrina Robati-Mani

College Roll

The Ministry of Education predicted that our roll for 2016 would be 842 with a Year 9 intake of 155. Our confirmed roll as at March 1st ended up being 858 with a Year 9 roll of 166. Year 13 returnees were as expected at 167. The downward trend in student numbers appears to be “bottoming out”. Newlands Intermediate is seeing a growth in its numbers and the local primary schools are also experience growth. This should flow into the College in the next 2-3 years. In addition the college had an average of 48 international students throughout the year. Their origin countries varied with students coming from Japan, China, Vietnam Thailand, Chile, Brazil, and Germany. Our Learning Support Centre contained 35 students which is consistent with recent years.


This year the College had considerable staff stability. Earlier in the year we fare-welled our Head of Science, Ms Kirsty Farrant who went to work for the Teacher's Union. The College also fare-welled Whia Tehani who is on maternity leave, but she should return in some capacity at the start of term 3. Mr Parkinson took up a permanent position at Onslow College. The College also farewell Mr Rickson who has decided to retire from teaching after nearly 30 years of service to different schools. This is a creditable effort.

Annual Highlights
While there were many highlights throughout the year, the following are a small taste of what was special.

  • Active Learning was trialled and deemed to be a success
  • Our junior Social Studies examinations were held on-line for the first time
  • Former student Chris McIntyre received a Rhodes Scholarship
  • Our year 10 students won the Wellington Bridge Building Competition for the fourth year in a row
  • Fynn Lewis was crowned the national Spelling Bee Champion
  • Our Pasifika group had an outstanding year performing to the highest standard at the Northern Polyfest
  • School trips to France and Japan gave the students wonderful insights into other cultures
  • The school production, Hairspray played to full houses each night

Education Review Office Report

We were visited by ERO in the second half of the year, their report was published on November 30th. They were supportive of the College, and the report contained statements such as:

  • The college is welcoming and inclusive. Positive, respectful relationships characterise school life. Promotion of well-being for learning is a high priority
  • The introduction of digital devices and e-learning has provided extended opportunities for students to be involved in decisions about their learning and take responsibility for their achievement
  • Creativity and innovation in curriculum design are encouraged. Leaders and teachers are trialling initiatives for raising achievement

Such comments endorses the hard work that the College puts into its students


At the time of writing the 2015 Financial Report shows an operating surplus of $244,000


The year was primarily about planning, and in some areas gaining traction with the Ministry of Education still remains difficult. However the playing for the refurbishment of the remaining Science Laboratories has been completed and work will commence in the New Year. The fundraising for the new artificial surface has also been completed and it will be ready by winter 2017. Work still needs to be done to address weather tightness issues with the staffroom and the library, and the slip, a result of the November storms also needs to be addressed.


On behalf of the Newlands College Board of Trustees

Gavin Knight (Chairperson), Jane Temel, Helen Potiki (Deputy Chairperson), James Maulden, James Roberts-Thomson, Ben Lau (Staff Representative), Glenn McStay Daphne Martinez (Student Representative) and Rev. Robert Robati-Mani





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