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Kia Ora Tatou

The term is now drawing to a close and it has certainly been a busy one. The winter sports programme is now well advanced with most teams having approximately five to six weeks of play next term before the season ends with tournament week which starts on September 3rd. Earlier this week I farewelled our basketball players who are heading up to San Francisco and New York to be part of the summer training camps. One student has never been on a plane before so a big adventure is about to be had. Tuesday night we had the Winter Wander where our music, art and drama students performed before family and friends. Some of them will leave this Saturday on huge adventure as they too, head off to New York.

Another highlight was our school ball which was a huge success. Often in the media we hear about school balls and things that go wrong. This was certainly not the case for us, and it never has been. It was a night of celebration and our students certainly seemed to have a great night out.

We recently had two days off timetable so that our students could pursue their active learning projects that they had been planning during the term. All manner of projects were completed, everything from cleaning up a beach, creating You Tube clips of things such as, How to get your Scooter License, baking cakes to sell for charity, as well as creating apps, and learning Korean. We will be having a display night scheduled for the middle of next term. It will be well worth visiting as project based learning is one of the key features that is currently being discussed as part of the NCEA review.

As you will be aware I will be away on sabbatical starting August 6th. Deb King will be Principal (Acting) while I am away and Susan MacDiarmid will become the Acting Deputy Principal. Mr Pegram and Ms Mills, current Deputy Principals will complete the Senior Management Team. I will return on Monday November 12
This week we have also been celebrating Matariki which is a special time of the year. It is nice to think the days will now start getting longer. As part of our celebration our students raised some money so that we could plant 9 Pukapuka trees. This grove will represent Pleiades and serve as a special part of the entrance to the school

We have a big term coming up after the break. Please check the calendar for the end of the winter sports season, senior assessment week and the NOSCARS. It is also the time when the students will start selecting their subjects for next year.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ablaze who has provided us with considerable support in providing laboratory safety equipment.

I hope that you all have a good break.

Nga Mihi Nui

Grant Jones





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