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Refund Conditions

Applying for a Refund of School Fees

  • Student enrols but does not attend at the start of the nominated term, fees will be refunded in full, less an administration charge. For example, failure by the student to obtain a student visa.
  • Student attends school and then withdraws voluntarily, there is no refund except in an exceptional circumstance. This may be granted on compassionate grounds. An application for refund must be made in writing, within one month of the last day of attendance, and reasons given for withdrawal.
  • The signatory to the Code (Newlands College) ceasing to provide a course of educational instruction as contracted with the student, whether it stops of its own accord or as required by an education quality assurance agency.
  • The signatory ceasing to be a signatory or a provider.
  • No refund will be given if the student is asked to leave the school because they have not met the requirements of the International Student Tuition Contract or Homestay Contract.

Homestay Fees

  • If the college has guaranteed your accommodation, payments to your homestay family will be paid through the school accounts.
  • If you move out of your homestay before the end of your contract, the portion of your homestay fees not already used, will be returned to you. You must give three weeks' notice.
  • To have your homestay fees returned, you must complete a “Request for Homestay Refund” form three weeks before departure. These are available from the Homestay Counsellor.
  • Approved refunds will have any money owing to the homestay family deducted, i.e. telephone accounts, internet usage and any damage to property.
  • Any unclaimed homestay monies will be retained by Newlands College if these monies are not claimed within a year of the student leaving Newlands College.

Please Note:
Homestay fees are paid throughout the term holidays. If the student goes away on holiday for 5 days or more, a 50% refund can be negotiated between the student and the homestay. Refer to the Homestay Handbook for details.





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