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Newlands College offers a well defined, effective guidance network that has a keen awareness of the importance of caring for students. The Guidance Network involves the entire staff working in a safe, caring environment; ensuring each student is able to reach their full potential.

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Pastoral care is a shared responsibility and in partnership with the parents of our students, we ensure that each student has optimal opportunity to become an independent, caring, reliable and responsible member of the community.

Our aim is for every student to respect themselves and others; be honest and courteous; demonstrate high levels of self discipline and integrity; be diligent; care for others and have a cultural appreciation and understanding of others within the college and wider community.

Led by Deputy Principal and Head of Guidance, Ms Deb Mills, the college has a pastoral care team that is made up of Deputy Principals, Year Level Deans, Form Teachers, a Guidance Counsellor, an International Student Dean, Careers staff and the Dean of Gifted and Talented Students.





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